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Top Ten Spring Recipes


It's spring! Celebrate the happiest season of the year with these quick, easy, and delicious recipes that use the foods of the season. It's time to start making main dish salads again, and grilled sandwiches are always a good choice for quick lunches and dinners when you want to be outside. Enjoy!

1. Cabbage Tortellini Salad

Linda Larsen
Cabbages, grape tomatoes, and bell peppers are in season all year round, so this delicious salad recipe can be made any time of year. But it really seems like spring to me; with its creamy buttermilk dressing and the crunch from the fresh veggies. Try it!

2. Strawberry Mint Dessert

Linda Larsen

This wonderful dessert is gorgeous, delicious, and easy to make. The flavor is mild, sweet and refreshing, and the color is pure spring.

3. Salmon Orzo Salad

Salmon Orzo Salad
Linda Larsen

This recipe combines the best of winter with the best of spring. A three cheese Italian salad dressing, with some yogurt and mayo, makes a delicious dressing. Baby peas and lots of fresh and sweet bell peppers add color and flavor.

4. Pineapple Lamb Chops

Pineapple Lamb Chops
Linda Larsen
Lamb chops, of course, are the perfect food for spring. They're so succulent and tender. Paired with pineapple, which adds a fabulous sweet and sour note, they are a delicious centerpiece to any spring dinner.

5. Grilled Salmon Sandwiches

Grilled Salmon Sandwiches
Linda Larsen

Salmon reminds me of spring too. This delicious and healthy seafood is perfect grilled between crunchy bread slices, mixed with cheese, mayo, and chopped apples.

6. Lemon Chicken and Pasta

Lemon Chicken and Pasta
Linda Larsen

This recipe is perfect for entertaining guests, or for a special meal when you really want to impress someone. One of the best things about it (besides the taste!) is that it's so quick and easy to make.

7. Chicken Focaccia Sandwich

Chicken Focaccia Sandwich
Linda Larsen

I adore this sandwich. The bread, made from pizza dough, is perfect, and the filling has just the right combination of moistness and crunch. And the avocados are the perfect finishing touch. I think I'm going to make it tomorrow!

8. Honey Rolls

Honey Rolls
Linda Larsen

I love this recipe. It's not often that you find a yeast roll recipe that doesn't require any kneading. And the honey glaze on these soft rolls adds the perfect touch of flavor.

9. Improved Pear Bread

This fabulous bread is perfect for breakfast on the run. And as the end of the school year nears, you're probably racking your brain for something else to serve the kids in the morning. This bread is the answer!

10. Lemon Truffled Pie

This gorgeous pie is to easy to make in the microwave. You can use a regular pastry crust or make a graham cracker crust; the choice is yours.

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