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Start With Mini Fillo Shells


Mini Pecan Tartlets

Mini Pecan Tartlets

Linda Larsen Roast Beef Filo Cups

Roast Beef Filo Cups

Linda Larsen

Mini filo shells are one of the best foods in the supermarket, and they're perfect for the holidays. You can fill them with everything from pecan pie filling to chopped salads to guacamole. They're delicious filled with cheese, baked, then topped with salsa. There is a thousand ways to use them, and these recipes that start with mini filo shells are no exception.

You'll find them in the frozen section of your supermarket, near the desserts and pie crusts. They defrost in just 10 minutes at room temperature, so they're perfect for last minute guests.

Enjoy these easy recipes this holiday season.

Start With Mini Filo Shells Recipes

  • Roast Beef Filo Cups
    This wonderful recipe can serve as a model for your own filling. Just use the cream cheese/mayo mixture, then season it and add your own favorite meats, cheeses, and vegetables.
  • Pecan Tartlets
    This recipe, from my book The About.com Guide to Shortcut Cooking is so easy and fun for holiday parties. When the little tartlets come out of the oven, sprinkle with some mini chocolate chips for a chocolate twist.
  • Mini Cranberry Filo Shells
    This recipe is a great use for leftovers - but don't wait for that! Make them for a fabulous start to a dinner party.
  • Salad Bites
    Any deli or homemade salad is perfect in these little cups. Assemble them yourself, or let your guests create their own masterpiece.
  • Brie and Cherry Cups
    A bit of brie is melted in the filo cups, then topped with a spoonful of cherry preserves in this beautiful and easy last minute three ingredient appetizer recipe.
  • Mini Guacamole Cups
    Homemade guacamole is the perfect last minute filling for these little cups. They'll go fast!
  • Pizza Bites
    Pizza filling bakes in the little shells for a spicy bite that's easy to make and eat.
  • Mini Chocolate Raspberry Tartlets
    A fluffy chocolate filling is topped with a fresh raspberry in these beautiful little desserts.

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