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Labor Day Recipes and Cookout Menus

Celebrate Summer's End


Fresh Corn Salad

Fresh Corn Salad

Linda Larsen
This weekend is Labor Day; what plans do you have? This unofficial last weekend of summer is usually spent making sure the kids are ready for school, sorting through summer and fall clothes, and perhaps taking a trip to the beach. Take some time to plan some special celebratory cookout and outdoor meals too. Even if you continue grilling through the fall and winter, there's something special about the last summer holiday cookout.

If you have time, visit a Farmer's Market for the best fresh corn, tomatoes, berries, and herbs to make your weekend meals even more special. Besides getting the best tasting produce, you're also supporting local farmers, who usually farm organically.

And remember to think about why we celebrate Labor Day.

Labor Day Recipes and Cookout Menus

Best Labor Day Recipes
From burgers to steaks to salads to desserts, you could create a fabulous meal with these ten spectacular recipes.

The Weekend Cook: Labor Day
This collection of recipes, grouped into menus, are perfect for the long and lazy weekend. Enjoy every bite.

Top 10 Summer Holiday Recipes
For the last holiday of summer, these wonderful recipes fit the bill perfectly. My Mom's Potato Salad, a wonderful Brownie Flag cake, and Dilled Coleslaw are so good.

Labor Day Salmon Burger Menu
Make a slightly different meal with grilled Salmon Burgers served on toasted English muffins. With Pesto Corn Salad, you can relax and enjoy the meal with family.

Labor Day on the Grill Menu
Well, corn the cob is practically a requirement for any summer barbecue. This wonderful recipe is served with grilled steak and some fabulous cheesy breadsticks.

Grilled Stuffed Burger Menu
Stuffed burgers aren't hard to make, and the presentation is spectacular. Yum.

Labor Day Crockpot Menu
Hey, the more foods you can cook in the crockpot the better, in my opinion. This menu makes entertaining a breeze.

Labor Day Turkey Curry Burger Menu
These unusual burgers are quite the treat. Served with a Grape and Melon Salad, they're delicious.

Labor Day Cookout Menu
This is the menu for meat lovers!

Labor Day Grilled Steak Menu
A simple marinated steak, along with thick baked fries and a fresh melon salad, make this menu special.

Labor Day Steak 'n Slaw
Cool and crunchy coleslaw is the perfect topper for a juicy and tender grilled steak.

Make Ahead Labor Day Grill Feast
You get to enjoy the gathering too with these wonderful make ahead ribs and salads.

Food for Summer
If none of these ideas float your boat, take a look at all of my favorite summer recipes for ideas.

Five Ingredient Grilled Picnic Menu
And finally, enjoy an easy and leisurely picnic with these super simple and super fast recipes.

Teach your kids the importance of valuing America's workers, fly your flag, put lots of coke, fizzy water, and beer in a cooler, and enjoy the holiday with these eight easy menus!

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