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No Cook Recipes

Too Hot to Cook



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Linda Larsen Chicken Waldorf Sandwich

Chicken Waldorf Sandwich

Linda Larsen

Now it's hot. The kind of hot that forces you to sit still, preferably under a ceiling fan, sipping a cold drink. You can almost hear the garden growing. Everyone slows down. It's so hot you don't want to cook - not for anybody! But you still have to eat! So turn to these no cook recipes that - I guarantee - do not use one bit of heat. Not from the grill, stovetop, microwave, or oven.

Canned foods, deli ingredients, frozen fully cooked meats, and fresh summer produce all combine to make excellent recipes that let you keep your cool inside and out.

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No Cook Beverages and Appetizers


No Cook Salad Recipes


No Cook Recipes for Sandwiches and Soups


No Cook Dessert Recipes


To speed up preparation even more, think about chilling the canned foods, still in their cans, in the fridge the night before you want to make the recipe. Then you don't even have to wait for the recipe to chill; just combine the cold foods right out of the cans and sit down to dinner.

Your grocery store's deli can provide lots of the ingredients for these no cook recipes. I especially love the rotisserie chicken at my deli; it provides about 4 cups of perfectly cooked, tender chicken perfect for use in salads and sandwich spreads. And for sandwiches, nothing beats the Pepper Roast Beef my deli makes; tender medium rare roast beef is coated with cracked black pepper. If a recipe calls for rice, stop by your local Asian restaurant and get some rice to go. It will be perfectly cooked and ready to use!

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