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Food for Summer


Chicken Melon Salad

Chicken Melon Salad

Linda Larsen

Food for Summer: Too Hot To Cook:

When it's too hot to cook, you need to have some special recipes in your repertoire so you can make sure you family is getting the nutrition they need in new and tempting ways. This food for summer is perfect because it takes no heat at all. And the recipes are delicious.

Favorite Summer Recipes:

There are some recipes I only make in the summer. Perhaps they use food that's best in this season, or foods specially suited to an occasion or holiday. And they're all easy and delicious!

Summer Produce:

There's nothing like fresh produce in summer. Whether you grow it yourself, buy from a farm stand, or go to a Farmer's Market, fill your summer meals with delicious fresh fruits and veggies.

Favorite Summer Foods: Main Dish Salads:

I love main dish salads in the summer. Not only are you getting a one-dish meal, but you can make the salads in the cool of the morning or the night before. Then when you want to eat, just dish it up! There's nothing better for lazy, hot summer days and nights.

Summer Holiday Celebrations:

Summer is full of celebrations, starting with Memorial Day and ending up with Labor Day. Be prepared for every occasion and enjoy the time with family and friends using these easy recipes and menus.

All About Grilling:

Summer Food Safety:

Food safety is important all year round, of course, but the summer presents special challenges. Take my Summer Food Safety Quiz to see how expert you are, and be sure to browse through the article about saving food when a summer storm cuts power to your house. Stay well!

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