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Holiday Salads


Creamy Molded Cranberry  Salad

Creamy Molded Cranberry Salad

Linda Larsen
Salads are definitely secondary in most Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday menus. But they can provide a welcome contrast in the taste and texture of the dinner. Serve a crunchy green salad using one of the great prepacked salad mixes, and pour the bottled dressing into a pretty container to set on the table. Or choose one of my wonderful holiday salad recipes below, substituting fall and winter fruits for the summer fruits.

Holiday Salad Recipes

  • Doug's Mom's 24 Hour Salad
    This wonderful salad is traditional in my husband's family. It's a real children's favorite, and has to be made ahead. It's rich, creamy, smooth, and delicious.
  • Divinity Frozen Fruit Salad
    This is the salad I always requested for my birthday. It's like divinity, but frozen! Try it; you'll love it. (But if you want an easier version, I created Quick Divinity Salad that tastes the same, but uses just four ingredients!)
  • Creamy Molded Cranberry Salad
    This salad is a real showstopper. It has the best sweet and sour flavor, and the texture is delicious, with crunchy celery and walnuts suspended in cranberry cream.
  • Broccoli Bacon Salad
    This flavorful salad will make even broccoli haters love broccoli! The addition of bacon and a sweet dressing is sublime.
  • Sour Cream Cherry Fruit Salad Mold
    This beautiful pink gelatin salad with crunchy almonds and sweet cherries is a fabulous Thanksgiving Day salad. And best of all, you have to make it ahead of time.
  • Fruit Salad with Poppyseed Dressing
    Use whatever fresh fruit is in season in this delicious salad. The poppyseed dressing is really good.
  • Carrot Pineapple Salad
    This beautiful molded salad is a cool, crunchy addition to the Thanksgiving meal. I love it topped with just a drop of mayonnaise.
  • Pears and Greens Salad
    I love the sweet and tart dressing for this salad, full of celery seeds. The combination of soft lettuce, tender pears, and crumbly blue cheese is wonderful.
  • Marinated Vegetable Salad
    For a crunchy alternative to a vegetable casserole, serve a veggie salad instead.
  • Breakthrough Salad
    This delicious salad, full of chopped vegetables, baby spinach, and a tarragon dressing, is served topped with some smooth sour cream.
  • Artichoke Salad
    This super-easy salad uses only three ingredients, yet tastes very complicated. It's a great complement to turkey and mashed potatoes.
  • Overnight Fruit Salad
    Any make ahead recipe is a bonus on Thanksgiving Day. This delicious recipe can be made using any seasonal fruits.
  • Strawberry Spinach Salad
    This salad, with tender baby spinach leaves and sweet, tart strawberries, is a beautiful addition to your Thanksgiving table.
  • Busy Cooks Side Salad Recipes

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