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Best Spring Pasta Recipes


Pasta recipes are perfect for spring. Even with smaller appetites because of the warmer weather, you still need hearty and healthy meals. And spring vegetables and fruits are perfect for pairing with pasta. For some reason, I really crave chicken in the spring. Chicken and pasta are natural partners. Enjoy these easy recipes. They're fast to make so you can get outside and revel in the beautiful weather!

1. Italian Wedding Pasta Casserole

Italian Wedding Pasta
Linda Larsen
This fresh and beautiful recipe is perfect for entertaining, or just when you want to treat yourself. If you an find chicken meatballs, the dish is really delicate and fresh for spring. Or make them yourself!

2. Salmon Spaghetti Carbonara

Linda Larsen
Spaghetti Carbonara is one of my favorite recipes. I remember reading about it in Dinah Shore's cookbook as a teenager. I thought it sounded so exotic and delicious. And it is! Adding salmon and peas turns it into a springtime dish.

3. Lemon Chicken Pasta Salad

Lemon Chicken Pasta Salad
Linda Larsen
This light and lovely salad is perfect for lunch on the porch, or entertaining after work. I love it when I have this pasta salad in the fridge. You can usually find fresh basil right in the regular grocery store these days; it's lovely in this recipe.

4. Pasta Shells and Blue Cheese

Shells and Blue Cheese Pasta
Linda Larsen
This easy recipe combines blue cheese with shell shaped pasta. The pasta holds chunks of tomato, onion, and cheese in its cupped side, so each bite is a burst of flavor. Yum.

5. Pesto Pasta with Peas

Pesto Pasta with Peas
Linda Larsen
You really can't eat any faster than with this recipe! Two minutes of prep and eight minutes of cooking time means that once the water starts boiling, dinner will be ready in ten minutes. And it's so good!

6. Chicken and Pasta with Lemon Pesto

Chicken with Lemon Pesto
Linda Larsen
This gorgeous dish is perfect for entertaining. Just adding lemon juice and zest to prepared basil pesto perks up the flavor no end. The chicken is tender, the peas sweet, and the pasta al dente. What more could you want?

7. Creamy Tomato Pasta

Creamy Tomato Pasta
Linda Larsen
I like to add cream cheese to just about anything. But something extraordinary happens when you add it to pasta sauce. The flavor mellow, the sauce clings to the pasta perfectly, and every bite is a delight. This one is a regular on my meal rotation.

8. Bacon Chicken Paparadelle

Bacon Chicken Paparadelle
Linda Larsen
This easy recipe tastes fresh and delicious. You can use chicken from a rotisserie chicken, use leftover cooked chicken, or cook it just for this recipe.

9. Pesto Chicken Pasta Salad

Pesto Chicken Pasta Salad
Linda Larsen
This is the first main dish salad I make on the first warm day of spring. I always have the ingredients on hand, and it tastes so fresh and clean after winter's heavier dishes.

10. Shrimp Creole Pasta

Andouille sausage, shrimp, jalapenos, and cream cheese are a smashing combination in this easy pasta recipe (can you tell I've been reading British novels recently?). You could also make this with any type of pork sausage and chicken, or meatballs, for that matter.

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