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Best Cold Sandwich Recipes

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Cold sandwiches have a bad reputation. Everybody has had a piece of bologna slapped between two pieces of white bread, maybe with a little mayonnaise. Your lunch doesn't have to be like that! Cold sandwiches can be delicious, healthy, and inventive and these recipes are proof. Whether you use chicken, salmon, beef, or some type of seafood, these recipes will give you lots of ideas for creating your own wonderful cold sandwiches. And with school fast approaching, you need all the inspiration you can get to pack a creative lunch box!

1. Chicken Salad Sandwiches

Linda Larsen
Just combine leftover chicken with a few ingredients for this hearty and delicious sandwich that's ready in minutes.

2. Chicken Waldorf Sandwiches

Chicken Waldorf Sandwich
Linda Larsen

This super easy sandwich is full of flavor, texture, and color. I love to serve it on whole wheat raisin bread. It's perfect for lunchboxes, and I've been known to eat it for breakfast.

3. HLT Sandwich

HLT Sandwich
Linda Larsen

Hummus, lettuce, and tomato turn a BLT into a healthy and quick alternative. This simple four ingredient sandwich recipe depends on the best ingredients, so look for high quality hummus, organic tomatoes, and the freshest lettuce.

4. Crunchy Salmon Sandwich Spread

Crunchy Salmon Sandwich Spread
Linda Larsen

Tender cooked salmon is combined with just four other ingredients to make a wonderful sandwich spread. You can even serve this one as a dip - just add more mayo and a bit of milk to thin it out. This is also delicious spread on crackers for an appetizer.

5. Parmesan Tuna Sandwiches

Parmesan Tuna Sandwiches
Linda Larsen

Mayo, sour cream, and mustard is the binding that holds tuna, bell pepper, and green onions together in this tasty sandwich. Serve it on little whole wheat buns and enjoy every bite.

6. Tomato Brie Basil Sandwich

Tomato Basil Sandwich
Linda Larsen

In the summer when tomatoes are super sweet and juicy and the basil is fresh and soft, there isn't a better sandwich in the whole world. I could eat this one every day.

7. Chicken Pesto Croissant Sandwiches

Pesto Chicken Croissant Sandwiches
Linda Larsen

This super easy sandwich is delicious, using rotisserie (or deli) (or leftover) chicken along with pesto, mayo, and some buttery, flaky croissants. I love this one for lunch on the porch.

8. BLT Wrap Sandwiches

BLT Wraps
Linda Larsen
In my opinion, nothing is better than a BLT. Unless you add a luscious ingredient like avocado and turn it into a wrap sandwich! These wonderful sandwiches are easy to make and easy to eat.

9. Hummus Sandwich Spread

Hummus Sandwich Spread
Linda Larsen
This vegetarian sandwich spread is perfect for a hot summer day. You can substitute purchased hummus for the garbanzo bean mixture to make it even easier!

10. Peanut Butter Granola Wrap Sandwich

Peanut Butter Granola Wrap Sandwich
Linda Larsen

What could make a peanut butter sandwich better? Add luscious ingredients like honey, chopped peanuts, and granola! You certainly could add some jelly if that's your thing.

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