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Top 10 Winter Chicken Recipes


The best chicken recipes for the winter are tender, creamy, well flavored, and rich. These easy recipes use winter vegetables such as potatoes and carrots, dumplings, Alfredo sauce, and cheese. The crockpot is used too, for convenience and the wonderful way it keeps even chicken breasts moist and tender. They are also quick to make, but enjoyable too. Even if a recipe has to cook or simmer for hours, the time you have to spend working is minimized. And remember, time spent in the kitchen during the winter is cozy and comforting. So enjoy every minute.

1. Chicken Risotto

Chicken Risotto
Linda Larsen
This simplified version of a classic risotto is really delicious and easy; you just have to keep stirring! Add some thawed frozen baby peas when you stir in the Parmesan cheese for a bit of color.

2. My Mom's Baked Fried Chicken

My Mom's Fried Chicken
Linda Larsen
My mom made this recipe often when I was growing up. It's not a classic fried chicken recipe because it is baked for part of the cooking. She didn't use a recipe; this is my variation of hers. The chicken is moist and tender, flavorful, and juicy. You'll love it!

3. Bacon and Chicken Paparadelle

Bacon Chicken Paparadelle
Linda Larsen
This simple pasta dish starts with cooked chicken and bacon. Fabulous start, no? Just a few more ingredients makes a satisfying and hearty dish you can be proud to serve to company.

4. Chicken Meatball Alfredo

Chicken Meatball Alfredo
Linda Larsen
Chicken meatballs are the secret ingredient to this super creamy and rich recipe. You can make your own, or look for them in the grocery store. There's this one variety I love that includes pesto; I find it at my co=op.

5. Crockpot Orange Curried Chicken

Crockpot Orange Curried Chicken
Linda Larsen
My husband requests this recipe for his birthday, which falls in January, every year. I used to make it on the stovetop, but find that it works very well translated to the slow cooker. This dish is beautiful too; the turmeric and saffron in the curry powder make it a gorgeous deep yellow.

6. Chicken Supreme

Chicken Supreme
Linda Larsen
This is one of the most popular recipes on the site. And it's to easy! All you have to do is cook some bacon, brown chicken, then add three more ingredients and let it cook all day. It's also so easy to vary. Change the soup or sauce you use, use different veggies (or add more) and change the cheese.

7. Crockpot Chicken and Dumplings

Crockpot Chicken and Dumplings
Linda Larsen
Chicken and dumplings just sounds comforting, doesn't it? This recipe cooks dumplings, which can be tricky, to perfection. Use your favorite herb in this recipe; you don't have to follow every recipe to the letter. Use your imagination and put something of yourself in your cooking.

8. Chicken Pesto Calzone

Chicken Pesto Calzone
Linda Larsen
Precooked chicken and yeast bread mix are the shortcuts in this wonderful recipe. A calzone is a stuffed pizza. And this one is packed full of flavor from pesto, cream cheese, Havarti cheese, and Parmesan cheese. Yum.

9. Sour Cream Bacon Chicken

Sour Cream Bacon Chicken
Linda Larsen
Sour cream, bacon, and chicken: what's not to like? This easy four ingredient recipe tastes like you slaved for hours over a hot stove.

10. Salsa Crockpot Chicken

Peach Salsa Chicken
Linda Larsen
Let's end with a two ingredient recipe. Unless you want to live on cold cereal, this recipe is as easy as it gets! Try it with different flavors of salsa to change it up. And serve over lots of hot cooked rice or a rice pilaf to soak up the fabulous sauce.

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