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Easy Valentine's Dinner Menu


Filet mignon with squash
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For Valentine's Day, you don't need to fuss. A good steak paired with a couple of impeccable side dishes is really all you need. And filet mignon is one of my favorite cuts of steak. It's expensive, but every bite is so succulent, and there's no waste. Some people think it doesn't have as much taste as ribeye or porterhouse, but I love it.

The side dishes for this menu are easy, and they make enough so you have leftovers for the next day. Antique Broccoli combines vegetables in a creamy cheese sauce and tops the whole thing with crisp buttered breadcrumbs. It's delicious as a main dish for vegetarians too! And the dessert is nothing less than spectacular; a super simple creamy chocolate pie that takes about 10 minutes to make. It chills while you're enjoying the rest of the meal. Serve with some rose or red wine or champagne if you're feeling very festive.

Enjoy this easy and delicious dinner menu.

Easy Valentine's Dinner Menu

  • Melon and Avocado Cocktail
    These pretty little cocktails are beautiful and so good. They're just enough to pique your appetite, but not too much so you get full before the main course.
  • Filet Mignon
    You can cook these tender and fabulous steaks under the broiler, grill 'em, or cook them on the stovetop. Just top with a pat of butter before serving for a delicious treat.
  • Antique Broccoli
    This is the recipe that made me like broccoli. No, really! It came from my Aunt Carol Sue. My mother immediately leaped on it, because none of us really liked that healthy vegetable. We do now! If you want an easier recipe, Quick Antique Broccoli tastes almost exactly the same with just five ingredients.
  • Cheese Crackers
    Some homemade bread is always welcome at the table. These little crackers are nothing short of addictive. They're easy to make. And you can keep the dough refrigerated up to 3 days and bake them off in little batches. Or make them all at once and have some for breakfast tomorrow, warmed in the toaster oven.
  • Grape Salad
    This fresh and cool salad is the perfect complement to the rich steak and vegetable side dish. Use any type of grapes that look good in the market. You can use several different kinds, but the dressing is also delicious on just one type.
  • Fastest Chocolate Cheesecake
    This is one of my favorite dessert recipes of all time. Be sure to use full fat cream cheese and sweetened condensed milk for best results. I'll bet you could make this with white chocolate chips too, but for this meal, the real thing is best. Top with some slightly sweetened whipped cream for an indulgent finish.

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