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Hanukkah Celebration


Roasted Spiced Chicken

Roasted Spiced Chicken

Linda Larsen
This holy holiday is based on the miracle of the oil. The Maccabees drove out the Syrian and Greek armies from the Temple at Jerusalem and needed to rededicate the site. There was only enough oil to burn for one day, but the lamps stayed lit for eight days; therefore there are eight days of Hanukkah. The menorah is lit every evening for eight days; children are given small gifts every night and play with a dreidel, and traditional foods, many fried in oil, are served. The word 'hanukkah' means 'dedication'. This easy Hanukkah celebration meal is delicious and special.

I think that roast chicken is such an elegant dish, and perfect with this easy menu. Potato latkes will take you the most time, so just about everything on this menu cooks happily away by itself or can be made ahead of time. The dressing for the salad will need some last minute attention, but since it uses dried and canned fruits, it's easy to assemble. And the honey cake is moist and delicious and so simple to make.

Have a wonderful Hanukkah, and many thanks to Rochelle, who gave me lots of guidance and help learning about this holiday and its traditions.

Hanukkah Celebration Menu

  • Roasted Red Pepper Spread
    Serve this savory and creamy spread with water crackers for a wonderful beginning to your holiday meal.
  • Roasted Spiced Chicken
    You'll need one chicken for four people, so multiply depending on your guest list. This chicken turns out perfectly; moist and tender flavored with warm spices.
  • Potato Latkes
    These are addictive! And unfortunately they can't be made ahead of time if you want them to be at their peak of crisp perfection. But make it a family affair and have everyone help.
  • Applesauce
    Homemade applesauce is so very easy and so much more delicious than the canned or jarred variety.
  • Roasted Green Beans
    Roasting green beans brings out their flavor and creates the most wonderful crisp tender texture. You can roast these right along with the chicken.
  • Fruited Spinach Salad
    Dried fruits are plumped in apricot nectar and grape juice then tossed with spinach and topped with a hot dressing so the spinach wilts slightly.
  • Sweet Crisps
    This super simple recipe can be made ahead of time. The crisp little bits are sprinkled with powdered sugar. It's really hard to stop eating these!
  • Honey Cake
    This moist and delicious cake can be made well ahead of time. Top it with a drizzle of warmed honey and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

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