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Readers Respond: What Are Your Favorite Christmas Memories?

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What are your favorite Christmas memories? Does your family have a special menu or recipe you always make on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day? Do you have a special cookie recipe you only make during the holidays? Share your story!

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When my mother was living and still cooking for herself & the family [special occasions] we always had 'Seapie' for New Year's day dinner..it is a 'French Canadian' dish made up, usually, of 'wild' meat...ie. moose meat, rabbit, partridge, etc..but since the last few yrs. she could only get 'fresh' meat..it was made up of, beef, pork, chicken or any other fowl.. carrots, onion, potato, celery and fresh herbs...it is all cubed up and layered in a 'dutch oven' with three layers of 'biscuit' dough. This is another of the 'French Canadian' traditional Holiday meals. Since Mom passed, we have not had this. I guess it is my time to get out her recipe and attempt it. Hope someone can relate to this...or has heard about this dish. (there is a story..of course..:) Happy New Year, everyone! :)
—Guest Arleena Kolundzic

Italian for Christmas Eve!

My mother's grandparents emigrated from Italy, so we always had spaghetti and meatballs on Christmas eve. The secret to the sauce, as shared by my mom, is to add tomato paste to the onions and garlic after they have softened. Let the tomato paste brown in spots. That adds rich flavor to the sauce. She also lets the sauce simmer for a couple of hours, and finishes it with fresh basil. We open our presents Christmas morning, so Christmas Eve is spent admiring the tree and presents and eating our Italian dinner.


I used to have Christmas Eve dinner for all of the elderly people I knew who didn't have anywhere to go at that time of year. We always had Christmas crackers and all wore the silly hats from them. It was great fun for all. Unfortunately, they have all died. My husband and I need to find new folks to have at this time of year.
—Guest Mary Adair

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