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Readers Respond: Do You Like or Hate the New Hot Crockpots?

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Look for older crocks at swap meets

I will not buy a new crock pot because they are too hot and I like the feature of removable crock that the older models have. I found mine at a swap meet and I live it start it on high and finish perfectly on low.
—Guest ratgirl

love all my crockpots

i bought a hamilton beach 5 qt w/ removeable crock for $12 on sale at wally world just b4 t-day 09. i love it. it has warm, low & hign settings. the lid has a vent in it & a rubber ring around the edge. it cooks wonderfully. i usually start on high for 1 hr & switch to low for the duration. i also have 2 30+ yr old rivals that still work great. my original rival cookbook had conversion hrs for regular to crockpot recipes. you could probably find that online.


I like the old "slow" cooker crock pots. My newer one gets way to hot on 'low'.
—Guest s2br1


I DO NOT like the newer crockpots! I have had two new Rival Crockpots in the last 3 yrs. The first cooked at whatever temperature it chose (always burning hot) and because it was only warrantied for 1 yr. the company would not do a thing to correct it. Shortly after Rival told me that it was my problem, the crock split into during a low setting cooking cycle (thank God I had the foresigiht to put in a liner or who knows what would have happened) Everything I tried to cook in it burned on the edges no matter what I did or what setting it was on. I did buy a new one a few months ago and just had my first burned meal in it tonight (lasagne, 3 hrs. on low and it's burned all on the bottom and edges.) I will buy a different brand than Rival when I purchase the next one. I think Rivals products are unsafe and I would NOT feel safe leaving it on and unattended. The old ones were definitely a much better product. Wish I hadn't thrown away my grandmothers old orange CP that was 30YR old.
—Guest ljj33957

Mr Crock-pot

I think its a crock these new hot crock-pots or would crack-pots be more appropriate..Now all my old receipes are useless I was never good at conversions even in school so I have no chance......
—Guest tcarp

Hate them

have 2 newer ones (1 1/2 qt and 6 qt) and an older one (3 1/2 qt). Try to cook everything in the older one, but it's not always the right size. A big batch of spaghetti sauce in the 6 qt one needs to be stirred every hour or two, to keep it from burning. Not very hands free, or time saving. Probably will go back to cooking it on top of the stove. One wonders: It wasn't broke, why fix it???

Been through 4 and hated them all!!

Over the past few years I have tried many and even returned a few. The hotter temp makes for burning and ruin. Not a fan of the new Versaware by Crockpot either. I received it as a gift last Christmas and the 4 recipes I have tried all had issues of burning and overcooking. I assumed the original makers wouldn't be the same as the other new versions. I make jewelery and use an old crock pot I bought at the Sally Ann, for heating my pickle (acid bath to remove firescale). Now I know why it was almost impossible to find an old one (I needed one that had no metal rim on the lid...which all new ones have). Honestly, What has happened to the best kitchen appliance ever invented?
—Guest sum1smuma

I'm not crazy!!!!

Ever since I bought my new Crock-Pot, everything is WAAAAYYY overcooked. My husband thought it was just me..and so did I. Now I know better!!! Will look for older models at thrift stores, and/ or garage sales and get rid of the "new and improved" one.
—Guest Jana

Hate Hot Crockpots

I hate the new hot crockpots. Things overcook in them even on the low setting. I used to love the idea of having a well cooked meal ready and waiting after I'd been gone all day. Now you can come home to something scorched along the edges.

OLD crockpots(designed by crackpots!)

Linda, the OLD Doug here...I hated the new ones with such a passion, that I went to a Thrift shop and for a few bucks bought a new old one! It works just great. And I just might go and find another like it, so if the first one burns out, I will have a spare. I did 4 pork steaks the other day, vinegar, chicken stock, hot peppers, bay leaf and large onion which was layered on bottom under meat. Great meal!! 6 hours on low about 2 hours high to start. Meat had just enough firmness, and was done to perfection. Cheers, Old Doug in BC

Hate the new crocks

Got a new 7 quart crockpot for Christmas and was thrilled; until I used it. Made chili for my husband and when I got home had to add 3 extra cans of tomatoes because there was NO liquid left. Good thing I didn't have to work over!
—Guest carlasukie

Use Lower Settings

I have a 3 year old Hamilton Beach Crock that had that high heat problem too. My solution is I always start my crock on High for 1 hr to get the food warmed up, then put it on the setting I want to keep it on. My solution is if I want it on LOW I use the "Keep Warm" setting for my Low, and the Low setting for my High. It works for me.

Hotter crockpots

No, I do not like the newer models and will not buy another. I'm trying hard to hang on to my oldr ones - even without a removable crock!


Much too hot...Everything burns long before time is up, and it won't cook slow enough for meat to be fall-apart tender like it used to!
—Guest candywright


I was about to purchase a smaller crockpot but after reading Linda's concerns and seeing the replies from others I have decided not to. I'm curious to know WHY the manufactures have decided to make this change. The crockpot I have is several years old and it gets plenty hot enough. I have never had any proglem at all with any food being undercooked. I look forward to learning more about this situation. Thank you Linda for all of your work in this matter.
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