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Readers Respond: Do You Like or Hate the New Hot Crockpots?

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New crockpots, those manufactured in the last five or six years, are cooking hotter than ever. Liquids are boiling, which means the temperature is at least 212 degrees F, and that's on the low heat setting, which should only be 185 degrees F. I think that the older crockpots were perfectly safe and it's difficult to write recipe directions, given that I don't know how hot your crockpot cooks! What do you think?

I'm with you!

I totally understand what everyone is complaining about. I do not believe that it's a new regulation passed by government officials, but I might be wrong. What we all need to do is to call or write to the companies that make crockpots and complain. What I did is that I returned the crockpot and called the manufacture & complaint about the temperature & told them that unless they fixed they crockpots, I would refuse to buy their products. I was told that the temperature was increased for safety reasons. My replied to them was that I crew up eating out of crockpots & I raised my kids eating out of crockpots & we've never had a problem. Will they listen to complaints? May be not, it may fall on deaf ears, but what they won't ignore is money figures. We have to hit them where it hurts, & that is in their pockets. Complaining & not buying go hand to hand. A powerful one two pinch combination that they will feel & not like it.
—Guest Yas

Afraid To Use If Not Home

My old one bit the dust, so I bought a new one. Holy cow, it's way too hot. I had a recipe that took all day before to cook and it was actually burnt in 5 hours. I don't want to use it when I'm not home because I don't want my house burning down. Never had any issue with food spoilage with the old version, why did they have to change it? This isn't just a few degrees either, this is a major temperature increase. UGH!
—Guest Flo


Bought new slow cooker few years ago as my old one, over 25 years, was sometimes not heating properly. I HATE the 'new improved' technology. Can't trust it so I can't leave it to slow cook. If I have to nurse and monitor my slow cooker then what's the point? It is way too hot and should not boil on low. I wonder if it would cook on warm??? :P
—Guest Rosie

I hate my new crock pot

I won a Crock Pot brand slow cooked last year and when my old Rival bit the dust, had to use it. I hate it. It cooks so much hotter and faster.
—Guest Molly Garza

Bring Back the Old Crock Pots

What a waste, the new crock pots are making us miserable. My old one was amazing and I really hate that regulators stuck their nose in it once again and pushed for increased temps and rendered something useful, a big old waste!
—Guest Kathy


Purchased Model SCCPVL603-R n 9-23 closeout at Bed Bath and Beyond. Had no box or instruction. Also got a SCR-05-R. MAIL TO 9732 Iron Gate Rd. South Jordan, UT 84095-3286--Thanks
—Guest Gerry Hixson

Cuisenart disappointment

Thought I'd buy a better crock pit( I thought). This is my third newer model,, all cooking too hot! You can't trust it on the counter as it gets hot. I havre to attach an extension cord and put it on my glass top stove. Looking for an old one
—Guest Loretta DeVito


Some people are experiencing cracked crocks because it heats up the cold pot to quickly as well. This is a pointless crock pot because the whole reason for having one is to be able to safely cook something while you are not home. It was safe to leave on for hours without danger of fire. Its not safe to do that now. You can more safely cook something SLOW on a range electric burner. You can get a manual temp controlled electric cooker that you can cook as hot or as low heat as you want. So whats the point of hot cooking crock pot? No one ever died from foods cooked on the low temp of the vintage pots. If they did its because they ate food from one left in there over night when the pot was off. The lowest heat from the old pots were safe.
—Guest Renee

hate the new one

Traded my daughter my old Rival because it was small and the new one I bought her was much bigger. Boils on warm, whats the deal?
—Guest Diane

do not like my new crockpot

cracked the crock of my 25 year plus slow cooker...... the replacement is a big disappointment.. sure can not call them slow cookers any more... going to start checking out the g/sales for replacements
—Guest KirkTHS

Much too hot

I have used slow cookers for a long time. I purchased 2 new about 4 years ago (6&4 qt) and do not use them. Everything burns to the sides or boils out of control. I have tossed out so many old favorite crock recipes that I am sick. They cook far too hot today. I only wish I still had my old ones but they had stopped working after about 25 years. I will not buy another but will try to find a slow cooker type appliance that will enable me to adjust the temp lower than the "low" on the newer ones! I have to say it, "What a crock". And I thought I was crazy till I searched this topic!
—Guest Crockedcook

what a waste!

I recently bought a Hamilton Beach 6qt crock pot, because it's not only programmable, but also has a temp probe to use during cooking. I haven't had luck with it yet. It definately cooks too hot, and I think I bought one that's too big for a family of two. I can never seem to fill it enough to work properly, either with food or liquid, and even when using the probe the meat is cooked in about half the time it should take. Very frustrated now, because I can't find the receipt to return it, and my old slow cooler seems to cook too slowly! Perhaps I should just stick to using the oven.
—Guest cindymh


I thought I was CRAZY or had the worst luck in the world, buying two Crockpots with malfunctioning thermostats one right after the other. Both are USELESS for long term cooking. Today, making beef tips in a lot of cream of mushroom soup and beef broth - so plenty of liquid. Started it on low. Came back a few hours later. Again, my food was boiling and sticking. Turned it to keep-warm, came back later - STILL BOILING. I would NEVER trust this thing enough to leave it alone all day. I'd feel safer putting it the oven on 185-200 with a lid....which exactly what I've just done with the beef tips. I have cooked my LAST meal in this another-$40-dollars-wasted piece of worthless junk. Rival, when you go out of business, know that it was because you're not selling a product as advertised and that you (and other companies) made this change not for true food-safety issues, because a few idiots' mistakes. A "shot gun" business decision on your part. I will tell anyone who will listen
—Guest PRussell

There is a crockpot that is not too hot!

I bought a Wonderful solution to the too-hot crockpot problem! Try the cuisinart with the high, low and simmer setting! The simmer works just like the old "low" setting! No more cooked to death or burned meals!
—Guest Oskar

Me too!

I have thre crockpots. One circa 1970-something, and one from the 1990's, one bought last yr. (# qt, 6 qt and 1 1/2 respectivly) the 2 newer ones BOIL on LOW! the 6 qt has a "Keep Warm" setting that works ok, but it is like HIGH on my old 70's 3 qt one. Stupid change. You really can't leave it all day anymore :(
—Guest Cathy O

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