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Readers Respond: Do You Like or Hate the New Hot Crockpots?

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New crockpots, those manufactured in the last five or six years, are cooking hotter than ever. Liquids are boiling, which means the temperature is at least 212 degrees F, and that's on the low heat setting, which should only be 185 degrees F. I think that the older crockpots were perfectly safe and it's difficult to write recipe directions, given that I don't know how hot your crockpot cooks! What do you think? Do You Like Hot Crockpots

Cuisenart disappointment

Thought I'd buy a better crock pit( I thought). This is my third newer model,, all cooking too hot! You can't trust it on the counter as it gets hot. I havre to attach an extension cord and put it on my glass top stove. Looking for an old one
—Guest Loretta DeVito

New crockpots are too hot!

I wanted a bigger crockpot, so I bought a new one and FOOLISHLY gave my perfectly good, 40 year-old model away. Everything in the new one cooks too fast and gets tougher, even with reduced cooking times. Instead of being a convenience, crock pots are a nuisance, because you have to watch over them so closely. And the moist, tender results we used to love are not happening.
—Guest Jane


Not only does the hotter cooking temperatures make it difficult to gauge how long a "slow" cooker recipe should actually take, but it also defeats the purpose of a slow cooker in my opinion! I want to be able to put dinner in the crock pot before leaving for work in the morning, set it on low, and have dinner ready 8-10 hrs later. When dinner is ready in 4-6 hours that does me no good!! It's useless to me. I want my old crockpot back!!! :(
—Guest Denise Dembeck

Hate the new hotter crock pots

They have taken a wonderful, useful product and rendered it useless!
—Guest Lynn

HATING NEW Crock pots!!!

I AM SO FED UP!!! I had one for 10 years, it flat out died and since then, it's been a nightmare! EVERY TIME I cook - ON LOW, 8 hours, the liquid is boiling and the meat is so DRY!! I feel like I am just wasting food. I mean I still feed it to my family, lol, but I am so frustrated. WHAT happened. I mean, I can't leave it now for 8 hours while at work and that's the WHOLE POINT!!!! I WOULD love to find an OLD Crock pot again :( Mine never use to BOIL food and it was always cooked!!! Anyway, desperate for an alternative!!!
—Guest Meghall


—Guest SANDI

Crock Pot HOT

I got so fed up I bought a "vintage" crock pot, just like the one I had years ago. this way I know my stuff won't scorch!
—Guest Patty

h*** no

Give me the older crock pots. I could leave for the day and nothing was burned.
—Guest bb

What Happened to Slow Cooking

I have purchased multiple Crockpots because I had concluded there was something wrong with the one I had. The problem with burning happened every time with different types of dishes. I loved Crockpots before now they are garbage just like all of the burned food
—Guest Mary Lynn

Oh my gosh!

I thought it was just me! When I make something that's filled with fruit or water, it turns out great, but every time I try to do a cut of meat with recipes professing 8-12 hours cook time, we can barely cut through it after not even six or seven hours. I've been so discouraged that every time we get home I've ruined yet another meal for my family. Doing a roast now for 4.5 hours to see if that makes a difference. So what's the point then? If we all get home at six, then there's no point in having a "slow cooker." It's not fast, it's not slow, it's more like medium. It's a weekend cooker...strangely I already have one of those. It's called an oven.
—Guest SS34


I live at high altitude, making a newer slow cooker useless. Water boils at 196 degrees by me. 200 degree cookers burn everything.
—Guest Dennis

What is the answer?

So we all have the same issue with the new crock pots...what is the answer???

Hate them

I no longer use crockpots, they are worthless at the higher temps. Everything tastes the same and the texture is mush.
—Guest Peggy

Hate the new crock pots

Several ruined meals later I figured out that my crock pot is no longer a slow cooker! I do not recall ever being sick from a slow cooker? I end up using my old one or cooking with the new one when I am off work so I can monitor it for over cooking!

3 Time Loser - Hates Hot Crock Pots

Wish this sight was around before I wasted way too many dollars on new model crockpots. I've purchased 3 in recent years hoping to recreate the great results I used to achieve with my vintage one. Unfortunately, when I "upgraded" the first time, I let go of that one. I won't be wasting any more money on new models now that my suspicions have been confirmed.
—Guest Matt

Do You Like Hot Crockpots

Do You Like or Hate the New Hot Crockpots?

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